Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii
Mobile Kona Coffee Bar


Bad Ass Coffee is Las Vegas' only mobile gourmet coffee truck featuring 100%

 Kona, Hawaiian Signature blends served hot, iced & frozen, smoothies, tea &

shave ice on the streets of Las Vegas. 

Call us today at 702-281-9632.

About Bad Ass: The Legend says that for generations, the donkeys of
Kona, Hawaii carried coffee beans down the mountains on the Big Island. Their
bellows could be heard echoing as they hauled the heavy loads down the
 mountainside. The native people of Kona named these hard-working donkeys
"The Bad Ass Ones" because of their cantankerous nature
 and perseverance while carrying the world's richest coffee. If you listen
carefully, their bellows can still be heard today and their legend lives on at
 Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

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